Skill Set Upgradation for Teachers.

Skill Set Upgradation for Teachers   

India is going through a revolution in the recent past. This revolution is against illiteracy which is running at a fast pace. With globalization, parents now aspire for their children to be knowledgeable and educated in varied fields.

New technologies and methods of curriculum delivery are assisting the spread of this revolution across the nation and not limited only to metros and large cities.

While the new generation of students will take a quantum leap over its previous generation in terms of knowledge, unfortunately the same can’t be said about Teachers.

Schools and Teachers alike are facing a difficult situation dealing with the rapid paced change and finding themselves short on skills and high on demand from parents, students and the system itself.

Team CHILDOLOGY with years of exposure and expertise in Teacher Training as well as skill set enhancement offers various areas of skill set development in the following areas:

  • Essential Soft Skill – Communication, Presentation, Life Skills.
  • Communicating and connecting with Children and Parents.
  • Exposure to new technologies affecting the student and the teacher, such as Internet, Email, You Tube, Face Book, Twitter etc.
  • Exposure to new delivery methodologies such as video conferencing, delivery over the internet, Skype, webinars etc.
  • Planning and Reporting
  • Maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Managing anger, stress and negative emotions.
  • Understanding the emotional needs of the students.
  • Partnering with Parents.
  • Maintaining Integrity.
  • Sensitization to Children with Special Needs / Learning Difficulties.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Skill Set Upgradation for Teachers , CONTACT US.

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