Establishing a Pre School.

Establishing a Pre School   

Pre Schools are a booming business in India with low entry barrier, no Government control, high interest from parents; an evolving franchise model to scale up operations, Indian preschool market is set to flourish in the coming years. This has become a Rs 4000 crore business and expected to grow at around 40% per year.

According to reports by brokerage firm CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets, the preschool industry in the country is currently estimated to gross about Rs 4,004 crore ($985 million). The report also indicated that the largest chain of preschools in India comprises of just 550 schools, less than 4% of the total market potential of 15,000 preschools.

Most preschools in India fall in the unorganized sector. Operating preschools has tremendous potential in India as it is still highly unorganized and often lacks a standardized curriculum, infrastructure and quality. Given that it is lucrative, and there is still a quality gap, there is scope for several players to get into this business.

While both the organized as well as the non organized sector is active in this field, very few people actually go about setting up schools in an planned fashion and a number of mistakes are committed that prove costly and difficult to resolve.

CHILDOLOGY offers consultancy for setting up new pre schools as well as ramping up and stream lining existing pre schools. Team CHILDOLOGY has years of expertise in setting up, operating pre schools along with experts on early child development on the Team contributing to various aspects of pre schools and child development.

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Team CHILDOLOGY can assist you with

1. School Layout & Infrastructure requirement

School Layout & Infrastructure requirement

Through the centuries, those who care for children have understood the significance of a child’s surroundings. When care is applied to a child’s surroundings, behavior can be guided and inspired. The simplest of spaces can become a haven of play and learning. Many factors contribute to a truly great room layout that encourages children to learn through play.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with School Layout & Infrastructure requirement , CONTACT US.

2. Curriculum Planning

Curriculum Planning

The knowledge that children gain in early childhood is crucially important for their futures. With quality preschool experience helping to lay the foundation for the kind of skills, knowledge and behaviours that the child will be expected to master during school.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Curriculum Planning: , CONTACT US.

3. Human Resources

Human Resources

Identifying, screening, recruiting and finally training the right staff at the school is the utmost important task, since all systems, planning, curriculum and knowledge impart takes place with the right people.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Human Resources: , CONTACT US.

4. Administration Systems

Administration Systems

Setting up proper systems, procedures, record maintenance and MIS is a very important aspect of running any business enterprise and must be set in a manner that makes the daily operations of the schools as efficient as possible.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Administration Systems , CONTACT US.

5. Canteen


Nutritious food made in a hygienic kitchen is important for the health of the children and teachers. Setting up such a kitchen with the help of Nutrition experts is an important aspect of setting up a school.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Canteen , CONTACT US.

6. School Uniforms

School Uniforms

School uniform is way to identify a school and hence getting bright uniforms tailored for wear and tear by children is appreciated by parents. Choosing the right design and material is as important as getting good tailoring.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with School Uniforms , CONTACT US.

7. School Security

School Security

School security is another important area of Human Resource identification to enable proper security of children, teachers and staff during school hours and the school property at other times.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with School Security , CONTACT US.

8. Sick Bay

Sick Bay

A well equipped infirmary is important to ensure children, teachers and staff are taken care of in case of an emergency.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Sick Bay , CONTACT US.

9. Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning & Maintenance

Making sure the right cleaning standards are applied during daily cleaning and maintenance goes a long way to ensure good hygiene in all operating areas of the school.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Cleaning & Maintenance , CONTACT US.

10. Procurement of Material & Resources

Procurement of Material & Resources

All administrative, educational, and operating resources are important for the smooth and efficient working of the school.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Procurement of Material & Resources , CONTACT US.

11. Books


Recommended reading material and books are important to identify and source.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Books , CONTACT US.

12. Training


All teachers must undergo training before the beginning of the school to understand the approach, methodology and syllabus and be classroom ready. Training administrative staff, support staff to understand the needs and requirements of the school is also important. Effective communication with parents, children and colleagues is another area of training that needs to be undertaken.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Training , CONTACT US.

13. Soft Skill Training

Soft Skill Training

Training teaching as well as non teaching staff in areas such as computer skills, report writing, communication with children, parents, colleagues, superiors; team work, leadership, will have to be conducted on a regular basis.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Soft Skill Training , CONTACT US.

14. Induction Program

Induction Program

Framing an induction programme for teachers, administrative and other staff to begin the school year.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Induction Program , CONTACT US.

15. Orientation Program

Orientation Program

Parent orientation to the school its philosophy, teaching and non teaching staff and other such areas is an important factor in the parent’s acceptance of the school and it’s working.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with 15. Orientation Program , CONTACT US.

16. Extra Curricula

Extra Curricula

While the curriculum is very important, extracurricular activities on an ongoing basis is also important for the all round growth of children and has to be planned consistently and regularly.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Extra Curricula , CONTACT US.

17. Financials


In the current environment of constant competition, schools have to keep their financials in good order and need to have a minimum of 5 – 7 years horizon before substantial profits can be seen. Proper financial planning, resource allocation and exposure will make or break any school.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Financials , CONTACT US.

18. Marketing


Currently demand is heavier than supply hence schools believe that marketing is an area that can be overlooked. Intense competition from the organized as well as the unorganized sector will drive most schools very soon to start marketing activities and planning and execution of the same will decide the fate of the school.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with Marketing. , CONTACT US.

19. Set up your own Pre School franchise network

Set up your own Pre School franchise network

Many individual promoters of Pre Schools have larger plans to expand their school network beyond a single stand alone unit by opening additional units in other locations within the city or even other cities via the franchise business models.

This route of expansion usually involves franchising the operations and leveraging the experience gained and the brand value created in the first school operations.

However this needs a lot of attention to detail and is easier said than done and hence promoters need professional management and well defined and clear road map to achieve this goal without many trial and errors.

Curriculum, resources, teaching aids, teacher training, administrative systems amongst other operational detailing needs to be clearly defined and executed. Childology with its expertise in this domain ideally assists promoters in this process of expanding and franchising their brand and network.

To know how CHILDOLOGY can help you with School franchise network. , CONTACT US.

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