Childology Academy.

Skill and constant knowledge upgradation is the only way that individuals can keep ahead. Research and better understanding is building huge knowledge bases that has professionals constantly having to upgrade their skill sets to be able to excel in their chosen field of service.

   Childology Academy Pune

Childology Academy has over a period of time focused on offering programs that enhances the skill set of such professionals in various related areas including Teachers, Educators, Mental Health Professionals, Special Educators, Psychology Students and Parents.

Teachers have a special role to play in the life of a child, to ensure that Teachers have the relevant and updated skill sets to be creative and effective, Childology Academy has designed a number of Teacher Training and Upgradation Modules for the Teacher of today to play a role in the child’s life tomorrow.

Psychology graduates often find themselves not being offered knowledge specific opportunities due to lack of industry and market relevant training and knowledge base. Counseling skills with hands on understanding of the nuances required to help another human being are often found wanting. Subject specific knowledge such as Parenting, Adolescence, Marital Counseling, Family counseling are also areas that need deep understanding and exposure.

With the current status of the dynamics that we lead our lives in, professionals working in Corporate India are now often faced with challenges that they are not trained to cope with. HR Personnel, Parents and other individuals who have a minimum graduate degree can also participate in many of these programs for knowledge upgradation and use in their respective domains of activity.

Teachers and Parents often find themselves facing a situation which needs the kind of understanding training programs such as the ones at Childology Academy focuses on.


Courses offered

International Certification - Teacher Training Program

Sensitization Workshop on Learning Difficulty in Children

Workshop on Learning Difficulty in Children

Practical Counseling Skills Workshop

Workshop on Special Education Needs

Workshop on Autism

Workshop on ADHD

Workshop on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Workshop on Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT)

Workshop on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

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