Parents want the best for their children and want to ensure a happy, healthy and playful childhood and a happy & successful future for them. For most Parents, their world revolves around their children. While the demands of a modern stressful life have to be addressed, our children deserve complete and proper attention.

While formal education provides the basic knowledge and discipline required in the growing years, parents are always looking to enhance and nurture various skill sets in their children and helping them to excel in the same.

While the quest for a perfect and happy childhood maybe the aim, parents today are overwhelmed by various choices and pressures of modern day life. With technology moving at light speed, flow of information (good & bad), along with peer pressure and competition is making children today very vulnerable to the pitfalls of modern life.


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Life Skill Development Program.


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Set up your own Pre School
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Team CHILDOLOGY offers a wide range of areas of excellence to enhance the experience of parenting as well as that of children today. Helping both parents as well as children not only create their own abilities to solve issues at hand but also communicate effectively with each other which will lead to better understanding between the two and create an atmosphere where they live a balanced, enriched and happier lives.

CHILDOLOGY has developed and created unique child and parent centric seminars, workshops, counseling programs, both online as well as one on one, to change the current scenario of confusion amongst parents and children as well as develop, create and deliver unique skill developmental programs for both parent and child

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