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Parent Talk

ParenTalk is a free confidential and anonymous helpline offering immediate and ongoing support to parents, caregivers and families.

As parents we sometimes come across issues about which we are not sure, what our response should be. Many times we come across certain behaviour on our children’s part that makes us wonder whether we should deal with the matter or ignore it. If we choose to deal with the matter, we don’t always know what the best way to deal with it is and what consequences it will lead to in the future.

It is to help Parents deal with such situations that CHILDOLOGY has started a service ParenTalk where parents can call a trained counselor and take advice on matters that do not necessarily need large changes or reactions. The counselors at CHILDOLOGY will help and guide the parent in understanding the exact nature of the problem, and identify resources within the parents own household to be able to deal with the matter, successfully.

ParenTalk is designed to assist Parents

  1. Understand parent’s concerns or problems regarding their child.
  2. Work with the parent to provide support and guidance.
  3. Sort out important issues.
  4. Understand the consequences of particular actions.
  5. Helping Parents identify his/her own resources to resolve the problem.
  6. Empower the Parent to work with strengths rather than limitations.
  7. Provide a roadmap to resolves issues causing anxiety within the family.


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